Shut Eye

by Trench

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released May 21, 2016

All songs written by Trench. Lyrics written by Jay Breen. Recording, mixing and mastering by Tommy Chan (except drums recorded by Liam Wolstenholme). Album artwork by Jay Breen.

Trench is Jay Breen, Tommy Chan, Tony Chan, Bryce Jassmann.



all rights reserved


Trench Calgary, Alberta

Jay Breen- Vocals
Tommy Chan- Drums
Tony Chan- Bass
Bryce Jassmann- Guitar
Cole Young- Guitar

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Track Name: Obsession
washed up
sick fuck
for this there is no remorse
red sun
gold gun
my soul taken by force

nothing to save
this is my obsession
no feeling lost
i hold no repression
cracks in my teeth
call it aggression
nothing inside
just harmful depression

watch me weep
take the toll
sing me to sleep
reap my soul.
Track Name: Give
stood alone all along
nothing left to stand on

i won't be the saviour
just the creator
i'm not tolerant
i just accept the behaviour
there's nothing left here
just grave dirt, my fear and death

give up there's nothing left

stood alone all along
kicked the chair from my feet
nothing to stand on
i give up now there's nothing left.
Track Name: Dirt
...still alone

wall made of stone
gasp for air
all alone
cannot move
i'll break my bones 'til i suffer

look for me
six feet under ground
they won't hear a sound
bite the bar
lay still
you won't get too far

wall made of stone
no more air
just skin and bones
cannot move
fight the tears
count your sins
confront fear
you will not win.
Track Name: Bliss
"i am not escaping this place"
something i embrace
that i'm on my own
please let me go home

still here, such fear
air filled with bitter pleads
no way out, don't shout
the truth is right infront of me

i was raised to believe
the truth will set you free

do i take my head?
do i slit my throat?
do i hang myself?
do i leave this note?

it never gets better.
Track Name: Soaked
sinking into deep depths
let me take my last...
Track Name: Shut Eye

so afraid
soaked in sweat
i can smell your fear
the air is wet

i need to close my mind
forget about my days one sleep at a time

shut eye

so pathetic
that's your life
don't deny it

i need to close my mind
forget about my days one sleep at a time.
Track Name: Burrow
the intenseness
undeniable, inseperable
i like to see things rise
before i watch them fall

make sure you get out
because i'm praying for the end
i can see it
i will make you obey
we will start with the excavate

i exist to stay
rule all humanity

i was sent to this level
resume 'self as the devil

make sure you get out
i'm here to stay.
Track Name: Fate
lay back
watch it unfold

don't accept your fate
instead retaliate
don't accept fate
i'll demonstrate

we stare far away
our life is a shooting range
line up
you're not safe

don't accept your fate